------ ADDITIONS & CHANGES ------
- Logout timer will now be correctly canceled by certain actions. Actions that will cause the logout timer to reset its countdown are when a Player; attempts to move, attacks, gets attacked or uses magic.
- All Indoors NPC's in Meduli moved outside for now.
- Ammo Vendor in Bákti moved outside for now.
- House Module D, can now be bought from the house vendors.

------ BUG FIXES ------

- You can no longer call guards on guild members or players that your guild is at war with.
- You no longer crash when you click "age" before choosing your bloodline in the character creation.
- The character-sheet should no longer cause crashes when you switch clothes and the texture should no longer mess up.

Creatures & AI:
- Horses should now correctly die.
- You can no longer ride mounts while dead.
- You can no longer send pet commands while mounted.
- Attack command for tamed creatures has been fixed.
- Tamed creatures should now always listen to commands after being tamed.
- Pet sometimes lost its owner when the owner logged out. This should not occur anymore.

Skills & Attributes:
- You can now correctly lock and unlock attributes.
- You now correctly deal more damage with a weapon that you have skilled up.
- Primary skills will now work correctly when they hit level 100.
- Skills with two parents will now correctly be restricted by the parent with lower level.
- It’s no longer possible to gain Taming skill even if the pet had been tamed by the same tamer just before.
- It is no longer possible to gain Creature Control xp if a creature is too high level to control.
- Starter Axes will no longer increase 'Axes' skill.

- Fixed a bug that would cause the bottom part of the UI to switch into debug mode.
- The skill experience bars should no longer go outside of their frames.
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