- The dynamic Skill System is now introduced, new skills to be added soon.
- The placeholder Character Creation has been updated; it’s now entering the final stage.
- First draft of the guild system is implemented.
- Introducing FFA Structures (structures available for all to build or destroy at certain points of interest). Right now several unfinished bridges can be found and built in places around Myrland.
- The Blainn of the Oghmir clade (race family) is now available for play.
- The new hair style system is implemented.
- Torches are introduced.

------ ADDITIONS & CHANGES ------
- The placeholder Player House model and upgrades have been replaced with the real ones.
- More Terrain available south of Morin-Khur.
- More Terrain available west of Moh-Ki.
- New Khurite Village, Bákti, west of Moh-Ki.
- An abandoned bandit camp with fortifications can be found south of Morin-Khur.
- Rebuilt the mount/node system, it should now be almost 100% safe (needs beta-testing to be sure).
- Reduced the damage bonus you get from mounted-combat-speed.
- Improved efficiency for creature spawning.
- Improved efficiency for server side creature movement.
- Creatures should now refrain from running out from cliffs and drops.
- Creatures now have more individual characteristics.
- Changed look of quick bar and quick tab.
- Escape now closes all windows, starting with the latest one opened.
- New Skill Window.
- Chat Window revamped.
- New spell icons.
- Guild Window added.
- Updated character creation music.
- Added sound effects in character creation.
- GUI sounds improved.
- Sound when bodies fall to the ground is lowered.
- Dogs and Wolves have got some new sounds.
- Terror Bird has received an audio overhaul.
- Optimization tweak with world ambience.
- Old world ambience replaced with new shiny one.
- Ambience added in camp outside Gaul'Kor.
- Music implemented into Mortal Online.
- House spots reduced in the area near Meduli for now.
- House spots reduced in the area west of Morin-Khur for now.
- A few new house spots added in different places around Myrland.
- Tweaks made to certain collision meshes to improve performance.
- Several Model LODs added and tweaked.
- Meduli has gotten a small facelift.
- GUI sounds added for: clicks, money and keys. *
- GUI has received a new font. *

------ BUG FIXES ------

- You should no longer, again, be able to jump while overweight; this is true for mounts too.

Creatures & AI:
- You can no longer use all the pet-commands WHILE mounted.
- Jumping while mounted no longer drains stamina from the rider.
- Mounts now also take fall damage when the rider takes fall damage.
- Dismounting and remounting will no longer restore the mounts stamina to full.
- Fleeing creatures should now update their headings to move away from the player during a chase.
- Fleeing creatures should now collide.
- Creatures should now flee again if confronted while they are returning.

- Fixed so that you now can aim your melee-attack from mounts up or down rather than just hitting people on the side of you.
- Fixed Shield-Bash hit-detection.
- Fists will no longer sporadically block when moving around.

- You should no longer receive skill gain in Mounted Combat when not mounted.
- You should no longer receive skill gain in Bows when shooting at houses.
- You should no longer receive skill gain in Creature Control when attacking your own pet.

- House chests will no longer permanently lock themselves when beginning construction of a new tier.
- House chests are no longer accessible from outside the houses and through the walls.

Art & Sound:
- Fixed Collision issues with Nereb Madgulu.
- You no longer hear the "breathing"-sound when you run out of stamina while swimming, or underwater.
- Players and creatures will not be lit by the outside light when deep inside the caves/tunnels anymore.
- Several static torches removed from the caves.
- Fixed mesh errors on the Morin Khur bridge which caused some objects on it to appear transparent.
- Players should no longer get stuck behind the tower near Fabernum.
- Morin-Khur now has its own bank.
- Players should now be able to walk all the way up the doorway stairs in Meduli.
- All the missing priests have now found their way back to their statues.
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