------ FEATURES ------

- Morin Khur, the capital city of the Khurites is now open (Please note that this is a first draft. More objects, details and optimization are to come).
- The Alvarin family consisting of the Sheevra and Veela races are now playable.
- There should now be more creatures wandering around in the world.
- "Razorback" creatures have appeared.

------ ADDITIONS & CHANGES ------

- Some ambience in Vadda has been added.
- Sidoian male has new impact sounds.
- The skills and spells backgrounds have been changed.
- Inventory window has received a makeover.
- Loading screen symbol and layout changes.
- Added a "use"-chat command that will find the closest object and then attempt use it (This includes loot and NPCs)
- New hair styles have been added.
- Added support for helmets that don't use "helmet effect".
- Creatures do now have natural long-time health regeneration.
- New skill added: creature control.
- Successful creature commands now reflect on the creature control skill instead of the taming skill.
- Several new creature commands including feeding and bandaging creatures are available for tamers (See the Quick Guide ( for details).
- Tamed creatures do not perform any initial command after being tamed (For example, pets will no longer auto-follow after being tamed)
- Tamers will now have to maintain a level of loyalty on tamed creatures.
- Tamers now need to be within a set distance to their tamed creature to be able to give commands.
- Tamers will not gain taming skill when taming creatures they've previously tamed.
- A tamed creatures actions now affect its owners flag and status.
- Impact sounds with wool reimported.
- Weakspot modifiers for weapons have been reduced. Weakspot hits should now be less frequent.
- Stone materials: Have recieved an overview and have had their attributes reduced, to bring them in line with other materials.

------ BUG FIXES ------


- You no longer login with full health and full mana.
- You will now login as dead if you logout as dead.
- You can no longer trigger skills while falling.
- You should now be able to correctly move using the arrow-keys.
- Fixed a bug that prevented Murder counts decreasing if you weren't flagged as a murderer.
- Fixed so that the "loot"-chat command will find the closest loot rather than "any" loot.
- Fixed an issue that made it impossible to call guards when someone logged into a guard zone.
- Fixed a bug that made players get Murder counts even if it was a really long time since they attacked someone.
- Fixed a timer for chat-commands preventing people from sending out to many commands.
- Destroying items now properly updates your weight.
- Equipping an item from the bank no longer causes the previously equipped item to disappear if you reequip it.
- You should now see weapon durability in the tool-tip when a weapon is equipped.
- Beta suicide now clears your assault list (you can no longer give Murder counts to other players by suiciding).
- Holding down CTRL should no longer prevent you from moving forward or strafing left.
- Multiple instances of one loot bag are no longer possible to be looted.
- Looting underwater should work as intended.
- Line of Sight should now work properly and be cut down to 90 degrees, it was previously 180 degrees.

Creatures & AI:

- The Minotaur’s ability to turn is now limited while it's charging.
- Players being missed by the Minotaur’s attacks will now get messages about this.
- Roaming creatures should now less often wander into obstacles.
- Creatures in open areas should now wait longer in-between their movements.
- Some important fixes for creatures target handling.
- Numerous stability and performance fixes for the AI.
- There was a bug where players could tame other logged out players tamed creatures. This is now fixed so that tamed creatures cannot be tamed even though their owner is offline.
- Creature name printouts are now fixed, they should output correct names.
- When abandoned, creatures will now go back to their native creature speed.
- Creatures did sometimes go inactive after one battle. This should be fixed.


- ALL melee weapons should now take a bit longer to swing.
- Fixed broken block calculation for blocking.
- Reduced a lot of shield/blocking/stamina-drain variables.
- You can no longer start swings while stunned.

- Left swings now hits as intended.
- Line of sight checks for projectiles and magic now work as intended.
- Getting hit by an arrow while in mercy mode will no longer put you out of mercy mode with full health.
- Projectiles should no longer get stuck in a spin around their targets.


- Fixed so that you no longer get "Your mind grew too tired to keep your spell." when dead.
- You can now click spells to pre-cast and release them. Previously you were only able to pre-cast.
- Healing your pet will no longer damage/kill it.
- Spells should no longer start to auto fizzle after some time of casting.
- Self targeted spells should now properly target yourself even with its graphical effect.
- Attempting to heal a target that isCorrupted will now correctly print that the heal had no effect on its target, not on its caster.


- You will no longer enter mercy-mode when resting just after getting up from mercy-mode.
- There should be no more trees or mining nodes that can't be lumber jacked or mined.


- Vendor inventory should no longer be "off by one".
- The interaction distance to npcs has been tweaked; you should not be able to be too far away from them now when interacting.
- Casting Purify on npcs should no longer give misleading messages.


- Crafting armor with Ironwool now works as intended.
- Tindremic Messing is now useable for shields as intended.
- Refining a Pig Carcass should no longer give you a message that you are processing ore.
- "Processing ore" message changed to "Processing material".
- Tooltips fixed for Shields and Clubs.

Art & Sound:

- Paper doll now correctly shows your face.
- Character-creation will no longer reset animations each time you change a feature.
- Added even more support for different footstep sounds on materials.
- Fixed a bug that made people who were in combat-mode when you login NOT play combat-animations.
- You should no longer see your character attempting to unsheathe weapons if you press 'Z' while resting.
- Weapon shadows should no longer be as visible through your avatar shadow as they previously were. (It might still look odd, but that is an UE3 problem we can't address).
- Rocks around the world have become proper rocks and won't let you walk through them.
- Combat animations should now trigger as intended.
- Wisents and Pigs now have accurate footstep sounds.
- All animal creatures have got accurate attenuation.
- Physical materials have been changed on lots of objects in the world, making them play the proper footstep sounds.
- Ambience reimported in Fabernum.
- Fixed a bug that caused the hair to turn black when equipping armor.
- Fixed so that the right arm of characters in character-creation is displayed correctly.
- Arrow release attenuation fixed.


- UI-debugging is now disabled (GUI/Mouse performance increase).
- Closing the spell book should no longer close other windows.
- Vendor window will no longer overlap other windows.


- Fixed typo in murder count message.

- A lot of other minor bug fixes.

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