This version of Mortal Online Beta contains a boiled down version of the magic-system.
Armor will not protect you against magic at this point and all characters will use magic as if they had maxed out the skill.
We need to have it this way to make it easier for you all to test it.

- Fixed a minor issue with stats and weapons.
- Fixed issues with flagging.
- Added a sidebar.
- Sidebar icon fixed.
- Spell icons fixed.
- Arrows will no longer be given for free, you will have to buy them from now on.
- Loot windows will now correctly be closed when you move away from loot.
- Fixed bug where banked items in slots beyond the 36:th were all moved to the first slot when you relogged.

- Stability and performance fixes for AI.
- Creatures should now have faster reactions.

- First draft of magic is now online!
- Vendors added (early version)

- All Banks renamed to Storage.
- Storage npc had its hp increased.
- WeaponCreator npc had its hp increased.
- Local Storage (banking) is now in effect.
- Collision fix on pine trees.
- Vendors added in the camps and villages around Myrland.
- All npc's are now blue flagged, so attacking a npc will make the attacker gray flagged.
- Some performance tweaking made in Fabernum.
- More details added to Fabernum (more to come).
- Disabled logging and added bars around the trees in Fabernum.
- The Storage in Fabernum has now moved indoors.
- Processor in Fabernum moved closer to the blacksmith.
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