- Added skill gain / skill loss /skill lock

- Numerous AI stability fixes
- Creature battle flow improved
- Creatures should return correctly after fleeing
- Fixes for cave dwelling creatures and guarding creatures
- More functionality added within AI movement.
- More AI behavior tweaking

Other fixes:
- Fixed murdercount flags not showing up correctly on clients.
- Fixed issues with assault lists on the server.
- Fixed some issues with weapons that didin't get update correctly when clients loaded a new pawn.
- Fixed some issues with flags that didin't get correctly transferd to the clients.
- Fixed several issues with loot.
- Fixed a crash when looting a removed loot.
- Added more client-message when looting to make it clearer what's happening.
- Fixed a glitch that made it impossiable for loot to spawn.
- Animals will now correctly play a sound when killed.
- Blood will now show up on your armor, if you want to clean it up take a bath!
- Fixed so that guards will attack players more correctly
- Fixed a glitch in the murdercount calculations

- Road from Fabernum extended. (still work in progress)
- Added a trail from Kranesh.
- Added new Skill icons.
- Creature spawner radius reduced.
- Starting points altered. (no more spawning in middle of nowhere)
- Grass and smaller bushes are no longer affected by blood.
- Arrows no longer collide whit grass and bushes.
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