Version - Beta 

- Added road from Fabernum (still under construction).
- Added carcass icons.

- Fixed a bug that made weapons hit real fast and drain no stamina when you logged out and then in again in combatmode.
- Fixed so that you no longer can dual-wield bows.
- Fixed the murder-system you will now get 1 murderCount per illegal kill after 5 you are murderFlagged.
- Fixed several flag-related issues
- Added better text input when you get killed or kill someone
- Fixed mercy mode animation bug on clients when they enter mercy mode
- Fixed issues with the stamina and weapon-charge
- Added support for low-res character armours, it can be activated by choosing "low" in the options menu and might solve memory-problems.

- Fixed So that Selected Skill tabs are remembered.
- Hotfix: Small update to a single package.
- Small correction on the skill/damage balance.
- Fixed So that Selected Skill tabs are remembered.
- Activated the Intelligence And Psyche Stats.
- Activated the ability to open the spellbook.
- Reworked how spells is loaded into your spellbook.
- Fixed A bug where you would cast the wrong spell.
- More fixes for several weight-based calculations.
- Added support for npc-vendors, we haven't added any actual vendors yet thou.
- The first version of full-loot is now online, it's probobly pretty buggy but needs large-scale testing.
- Magic is in but is currently disabled.
- Fixed a bug where you didnt gain unarmed skill
- Fixed a bug where unarmed was uneffected by the skill  
- Fixed A bug where you could toggle all GUI with ALT+Z

- Gazelle has impact sound
- Some magic effects have got sound

Fixed during the last week:
- Fixed several crashes in the ai
- Fixed broken loot-window
- Fixed Skillgain for bows.
- Fixed so that your current skill actually matters.
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