- Fixed issues with players having their weapon in their hand but not being in CombatMode?
- Fixed bug that made shield-bash useless
- Fixed several server and node-crashes
- Fixed issues with MercyMode
- Tweaked arrow-arch for bows

- Fixed a bug where all the current weaponskills didnt show up in the current gui.
- Fixed a bug where you password showed if you typed enough characters.
- Fixed a bug where the mouse flicked and dissapeard when opening a menu.
- Fixad a bug where you didnt get an error message while creating a character.
- Added the ablity to clear your quickbar slot with rightklick.
- Added the ability to move your quickbar icons.
- Added the ability to switch places of your quickbar icons.
- Added the ability to drag an icon off the quickbar and let it go to remove the icon.
- Fixed a bug were if you had been hit your resting animation would look like you took damage.

- Fixed delay for using skills to avoid server spam (3sec)
- Several armors that crashed clients are now fixed
- AI is improved.
- AI code optimized
- Added messages when hit by a bow
- Added feedback when hit by a bow
- Fixed bug that made calling guards when hit by a bow useless.
- Placed trees, grass, stones on t2-t3
- Added graphics for the trade window
- Added max draw distance to models near one of the khurite camps to reduce lag

- Added forest ambience in T02-02 and T02-03
- Added water ambiences in T02-03
- Added new forest ambience in Kranesh
- Added ambience in the khurite village in T03-03

== Features ==
- Trade
To trade with someone you target them (by pressing TAB or R) ang then say "trade" in the chat.
To add items to the trade you right click them in your inventory and to remove items you right click them in the trade window.
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