The Planet on which Mortal Online takes place in is a planet called Nave. Nave is very similar to the planet we live on and has water, vegetation, greenery and even animals that live off the land.

At some point in the ancient past the entire face of Nave changed drastically. The continents of Myrland, Sidoia, Sarducaa and Nordveld – once connected, were torn apart.

There are about 7 Cities in the world of Nave. All Fledglings start at the city of Tindrem, a large city with a secluded park inside. Before players could choose their first city, but with the rise of newbie abuse the developers have decided that the fledglings should all start from one safe place in the game.

City ownership changes with the guild territory that it falls under. If the city is under no guild control, the ownership is set to "The Populace."

World LoreEdit

World Lore is very hard to come by, seeing as the developers gave no storyline to the races during creation or why the cities are where they are. The website does have race backgrounds, but the text was not implemented into the character creation. It is assumed that the players will have to write the lore of the world such as the gutter snipe's rise to power, the rise of "L" the most wanted murderer, and etc.

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