Player Books are books that players have written in. The book has a writtable text box at the bottom border of the cover, on inside the cover and a large text box for every individual page. The number of pages are determined by the worth of the book (a 10-Copper Book will yeild only 4 pages.)

The front text box is assumed to be for the title of the book, and the back cover text box reserved for the author's name.


Player Books are assumed to be for the benefit of players passing readily prepared knowledge to one another. Although the books add a new sense of realism and interaction with the game, Players can simple check wikis or guides online for information instead of giving each other books. Most Wikis on Mortal Online lack basic information, and information about MO is scattered throughout the internet through quickscroll articles, game reviews and forum listings.

These books once written into cannot be erased. It is assumed that the avatar is using ink to write into these books. This can cause great annoyance and can ruin immersion if a player is reading a book and realizes the number or typos in a player-made book. 


Player Books can vary greatly in content. One book can be about directions of how to get from one town to another, or tips and tricks on a certain subject. A book can be a journal of a player and their encounters throughout Nave. One book can hold a series of recipes for food, armor, weapons and etc.

The content of these books are up to the authors themselves can can cover everything about a topic or can give little to no useful information.

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