Class Mammalia
Difficulty Very Hard
Health 1000hp
Damage none/unknown
Drop none/unknown
Tamable Yes (Taming level 100)
Location Myrland Caves

Minotaurs are rare to find and are the toughest opponents in PVE so far.

Informations Edit


This particular minotaur should be tamable if you have 100 Taming Skill. However, it will take a lot of tries to tame it. If you succeed in taming it, it is hard to control and you will have problems to order it around.

Lore Edit

Minotaurs were created as slaves, or more specifically guardians. They are very intelligent animals, perhaps comparable to mammoths, and not "slow" in any sense. The Huergar (who among other things worship the Bull in many forms) have mastered the difficult art of breeding minotaurs, although they may not have been the original creators of the minotaur species.

Minotaurs are extremely loyal to their master, or masters. They are bred and trained to follow commands to the death, comparable to attack dogs, and have a good memory for commands, making them excellent guardians. They have very seldom been used in wars however, as they have difficulties telling friends from foes in crowds. Although very time consuming it is possible to teach a minotaur to use a weapon or tool for different purposes. This doesn't necessarily mean they understand the tool, they simply repeat actions they have been taught.

History and conflict have resulted in a few minotaurs roaming free in the wild. There are no indications that they can breed on their own however; all minotaurs are created male. It is very difficult to approximate the number of wild minotaurs due to their extremely tough physique and long lifespan, it is certainly possible that a few generations sightings of minotaurs in a region may actually be the one and same creature.

It is very difficult and time consuming to breed and train minotaurs and listed the Huergars as an example of those who know how to do it.

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