Mages of the Golden Dawn were found by the Arch-Mage Andromalius and Grand-Mage Talfryn.

MotGD are a mages only guild but in the future hope to employ warriors in their midst to form Septs of the Golden Dawn - a mix of warriors and mages that provide the ultimate balance of force.

At the time of writing MotGD have just over 30 members although many of them are inactive due to the extended development of the beta version of the Game. The other two Grand-Mages are Hemogoblin and Jonas Skysong. The Grand-Mages are in turn served by the High-Mages, who are in turn served by the Mages.

Apprentices of the Golden Dawn must pass a two week test before they will be initiated into the Order. This is usually performed by showing dedication to the guild and magic, and by passing a final test or performing some task.

MotGD is part of the alliance known as Oblivion Nation but depending on how things turn out in-game this alliance may be reviewed.

For more information on the guild or to join their ranks, take a look at their lovely website at

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