Fighter - A unique breed of men. Born to wield the blade, and destined to die by it. They strive for excellence in all they do, creating aggressive situations where none were before. They are mercenaries by profession, but evil by nature. You will often find different variations of these players, either murderers (reds) and Warriors (blues).

Mage - To attempt to delve into the lost ways of the world, one must study hard and long. That is precisely what mages overcome on a daily basis to further themselves. Often found in groups as supports of fighters, do not underestimate their ability to take charge with high damage spells and abilities.

Mounted - In a small mans words, "Bigger, better, faster, stronger". This described mounted combatants to a tee. Overwhelming ground forces with blitz tactics and hit and runs. These mounted hunters stalk their prey from a distance, only moving in for quick one sided damage.

Archers - With a realistic aiming program from archery, the class itself has become very difficult to play. However, for those who's arrows fly true, they are a force to behold. Ranged damage with armor piercing headshots, one mistake could leave an offguard warrior in his grave.

Miners - Time consuming by nature, but necessary nonetheless. Miners provide key ores to begin the long process of armor and weapons crafting.

Refiners - The process continues as dedicated players refine and extract precious metals from rocks. These fetch a high price with a wonderful turnover rate.

Smiths - The cream of the crop players who learn recipes to craft armor and weaponry using precious metals.

Tamers - With an deep knowledge of the wild, these players can coerce animals into obeying them. From rabid wolves to meek horses, tamers know no bounds.

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