Overview Edit

  • Name: Legion
  • Server: TBA
  • Race: Any
  • Type: PvP
  • Guild Leaders: The Tribunal of Twelve
  • Website:

Recruitment Edit

Legion is looking for quality not quantity. We're not going to be just another zerg guild. We will be a small in number but great in skill a tightly knit group.

We are also looking for "chill" people. People who can take a joke without getting flustered. And you have to be a skilled gamer. Until Mortal comes out we're recruiting by skilled players of Age Of Chivalry. Its trial by fire so you will have to show your skill. You can contact us at.

Tribunal of Twelve Edit

The Tribunal of Twelve is not complete yet.

  • Cypheir
  • Irishdrunk
  • AdinTyrr
  • Infernalic
  • Punkzor
  • Swifter
  • Vance

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