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To begin with you'll need to construct the Guild Stone Module in a the house that you've chose for your guild. Once the stone is constructed the House Owner can interact with it to bring up a Guild Creation Menu. Enter the name of your guild here and click the create button.


After creation of the guild, any further interaction with the guild stone will now bring up the Guild Main Menu which lets you choose between Diplomacy, Members and Leave Guild.
Diplomacy will let the Guild Master manage Guild Wars and guild War Challenges. To challenge another guild to a war you simply type that guilds name into the challenge text box and click the challenge button. A successfull war challenge will add it self under Outgoing War Challenges in the same diplomacy menu. You can withdraw the challenge at any time.
The challenged guilds guild master will then have to open his diplomacy menu from his guild stone and accept the Incoming War Challenge. This results in a guild war that can be stopped by either guild at any time. See Guild Flags for more information.
The Members Menu shows you a list of the current members of your guild. From this manu you can choose to either Invite, Kick, Promote or Demote a guild member. Inviting to the guild can be done by any member of rank 6 or higher. Kicking can be done on any member Below Your Own Rank.
Promoting can be done Up To Your Own Rank and Demoting can be done on Any Member Below Your Rank.
Available ranks are Rank 1 to Rank 10.
A special case in the rank system is the guild master rank. This rank (Rank 10) can demote all ranks, including its own. However a player of rank 10 can never demote himself. This is to allow for Guild Master Change.

Guild Flags:

When two players are in the same guild, the flag between them will change to Same Guild. This flag basically overrides any other flags and should therefore never change your own flag no matter what you do to each other.
When encountering a member of a guild that you are currently at war with, you'll see him flagged as Guild War. This flag works in the exact same way as Same Guild does, overriding all other flags letting you commit any crime against that player without punishment.

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