Leader: Berrian aka Sinaxis  Guild Name: Freemasons  Guild Type: Neutral Merchant  Guild Intent: To take care of our own and be a well respected merchant supply channel for those in need. To provide a place of business and a job within the game for those who enjoy PvE, Gathering, and Crafting.  Guild Structure: There will be High Ranking Leaders for each branch of crafting, IE Master Weapon Smith, Master Armor Smith, etc etc. The leaders of each of these groups and branches will be responsible for dividing the crafting skills and types amongst those in their crafting branch and meeting quotas and goals for their section. There will be other sub structures as we grow and progress, including Gathering and PvE groups. When we become large enough and do enough business, all contributing members will be paid for their efforts accordingly.  Freemasons will join the Oblivion Nation.  This will provide us plenty of business and help should and when the need arises.  You can register here:  Once registered, send me your GamerDNA name and I will let you into my website found here:  All players from all over the world are welcome to apply. You will have a voice here, you will be somebody that matters.
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