In Mortal Online, crafting is a much more complicated process than most traditional MMO's. In place of the common "Material Level" system, each material found in the world of Nave has its own benefits and detriments. A more dense material might be tougher and harder to damage, but it likely weighs more and is more difficult to manipulate. Whereas a light material is much easier to use and maneuver with, but it is less defensive, or has lower damage. 


Armor Making Edit

The first thing as an armor crafter you should do is begin learning your skills via books, but before you do that plan on saving gold for the recipes you'll need for your basic common recipes.

The skill books that you will need

  1. Armor Crafting
  2. Soft Armor Crafting
  3. Laminated Armor Crafting
  4. Plate Armor Crafting
  5. Animal Materials
  6. Dental Lore
  7. Molarium Lore
  8. Fur Lore
  9. Ground Fur Lore
  10. Guard Fur Lore

This will get you started so you can make some decent armor mainly the Direptor set but if you'd like to make lighter armor you could go for leathers and furs. Either way you will need to explore a bit.

Grinding up your sets you should use the most basic of materials, mainly Cotton which can be bought at the leather vendor in bulk. As well as bone tissue which can be harvested through butchering corpses in the grave yard.

The Sarduucan guard set is mainly for lighter fighters such as thieves, archers and mages. This armor goes for 8-12g based on location of broker and quality of armor.

The Direptor set is plate so it's used with most foot soldiers it's cheap anywhere from 8-12g based on quality and location of the broker.

The more materials you use, does increase the protection and durability of your pieces. So more materials better quality.

I hope this helps you start your armor crafter off, good luck on your endeavors.


Weapon Making Edit

Is a complex process due to the very intricate material system in Mortal. The same type of weapon could be made with many different material combinations. A bone sword will be sturdier than a wooden one, but a heavier metal one would be even more powerful, at the cost of higher weight and strength requirement. A quick weapon that is easier to use and parry with can be just as effective, if not more so than slow heavy hitters. Damage isn't always the most important number.

Gathering skills Edit

Gathering skills in Mortal are heavily based on your characters knowledge of the material you are gathering. But the process of gathering and crafting with a material helps your character learn more about it. Be sure that you have the proper prerequisite lore skills to gain the most benefit from anything you decide to gather.

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