Character Titles are special designatons added to the name of your character, optionally displayed in the world for people to see. These titles can tell of your accomplishments and repeated activities. Earning these can take time, and perhaps some in-game expense. Earning titles DOES NOT require a game subscription.

The Architect - Build HousesEdit

Architect 3

Adept Architect 30

Expert Architect

Master Architect 100

The Armorer - Craft ArmorEdit


Adept Armorer

Expert Armorer

Master Armorer

Grand Master

The Bowyer - Craft BowsEdit


The Enforcer - Kill CriminalsEdit

Commendable: Kill 25 Greys

Reputable: 65

Virtuous: 100



The Glorious - Gain GloryEdit

The Adventurer: 150 Glory

The Renowned: 750 Glory

The Admirable: 1,500 Glory

The Subjugator: 4,000 Glory

Warden: 10,000 Glory

The Murderer - Kill Blue PlayersEdit

The Wicked: 30

The Vile: 75

The Nefarious: 150

The Heinous: * 500

The Atrocious: * 250

Dread Lord/Lady: * 1000

Exile: Kill 5 Lictors

The Paladin - Kill Red PlayersEdit

Bold: 30 kills

Dauntless: 75

Gallant: come on mang

Valorous: *

Great Lord/Lady: *

The Mighty - Gain MightEdit

Marauder: *

Conquerer: *

The Tamer - Tame AnimalsEdit


Adept Tamer

Expert Tamer

Master Tamer - 200 Pets

Grand Master -1000 Pets

The Thief - Steal ItemsEdit






The Weapon Smith - Craft WeaponsEdit


Adept Weaponsmith

Expert Weaponsmith

Master Weaponsmith

Grand Master

Miscellaneous - Not Generally Attainable or Very RareEdit

The Hero: Kill a GM Hero Character - (example) Demon Lord Malturn

of Starvault: Employee of Starvault

The Dominator - Dominate stuff

Dominator - 25

Adept Dominator

Expert Dominator

Master Dominator

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