Ability to craft bows from different components. Bows made from heavier components will translate to more damage and range, but also higher strength requirements and stamina drain. Recurve bows are stronger than flat bows, which in turn are stronger than decurve bows. Asymetrical bows deal the most damage but require very high strength to use (100+ depending on the components used), long bows are somewhere in the middle field and short bows are weakest. Theoretically speaking, a recurve asymetrical composite bow should deal the maximum possible damage. When crafting, be aware that even the strongest races (114 strength) cannot properly use bows made from any material - you have to find a good balance. Self bows, which are made from a single piece of wood, are usually inferior to composite bows. A common composition for composite bows is wood for the back material and horn for the belly.

Wood types with corresponding weights :

All weights are based on the least material you can use to build a decurve shortbow (use wood for belly, and put the marker to the far left side). Notice that unlike other mmorpgs raw materials in Mortal Online are measured by weight rather than units, which is why the density of the material has to be taken into consideration.

Spongewood (3)

Whitewood (6)

more to come(input gladly appreciated)

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