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Bowery Station in Fabernum

Bowery is a crafting skill used to make bows. You will need to find the appropriate skill books or choose the Logger proffession to get started.

Prepping for Bow-MakingEdit

To make a bow, you will need to first read certain books. You need the material lore for the specific material you are trying to put in. For example, if you are planning to make a bow from Whitewood, make sure you have Drendology I and Whitewood Lore before even thinking about placing the materials into the box. Secondly, you will need at least 3 more books found at the Bowery trainer which include: Bow Crafting, Self, Composite, Flat, Recurve, Assymetrical, etc.

The 3 books you need come from 3 seperate categories which are:

Group 1: Self, Composite

Group 2: Flat, Decurve

Group 3: Short, Long

  • Needs confirmation. You need at least 40 in the skill pre-recquisite to learn the next "tier" of bow crafting lore.
  • It also appears that you need to get the other 3 books last, as their prerequisites are the other books. IE. Assymetrical Bows
  • Note: If you read a material book and it still tells you that you don't have the appropriate lore, make sure you aren't reading the book and relog (In fact, most problems are fixed by relogging).

Making the BowEdit

The materials from which you make your bow from influence it's range, strength requirement and damage.

The Bar you get between the 2 resources (If the bow you're making asks for 2 resources) it is how much % of the bow is made from that resource.

Side notes from observation:

Whitewood, Spongewood and Flatwood appear to require a strength of 40 to use effectively.

Greywood requires a strength of 90.

Flat Bows appear to require more strength but fire further.

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