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Mercenary regiment formed in MPBT 3025 under the Disciples of Carnage. Top regiment in game till it closed and moved on to MW4. Top 5 guild in every ladder we played and moved to War!Online and was asked to take over House Kurita. Moved to DII and then MMORPGS after W!O got shut down. Played games a year or less until we found Lineage][. Loved the game, owned 2 castles, I coordinated one side of the servers seiges for the second year, including the most successful campaign of 4 castles changing sides to our side on one weekend. Largest seige event in the history of the game (for the first 2 years) was to help us when we took our castle, 37 seige flags on the field and another 15 or so guilds helping without flags up. Left after Head GM said hackers/botters were no longer to be punished. Left the game tied for most hated guild leader on the server with Steel from Dread Legion, our closest ally. WoW was just too easy. Vanguard was too buggy. AoC sucked worse than Goonsquad. Warhammer is too much RvE, everyone just worried about swapping keeps to get thier shineyphatlewtz gold bags at keeps.

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