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Overview Edit

The Aegis Imperium is an international Mortal Online-only guild which was created from that game's forum community in June 2008. The guild went public in August 2008 and continued to flourish and grow, participating heavily in the decoding of the "MO Counter", and as a result in the revelation of the name of the MO World.

The Imperium seeks to sustain itself within the world of Mortal Online, and to be at the forefront of all actions, political, economical and historical. Its secondary objective is to provide a stable environment for players choosing to take up residence within its territory.

History Edit

  • June 2008 - guild creation (invitation-only)
  • August 2008 - guild made public
  • May 10 2009 - residency applications opened
  • June 15 2009 - cell system unveiled
  • August 18 2009 - membership applications opened (not invitation-only anymore)

Membership Edit

AI members are called Citizens.

There are no predefined or permanent "ranks" within the Imperium. Those denote that someone has more power than someone else no matter what, and that practice often leads to greed and corruption. In the Imperium, leadership arises out of personal charisma, decisions and foresight. People follow each other because of symbolic leadership, not divine right, and that means power can always be taken away from a leader the moment he forgets to humble himself. That is how it should be and that is how it is. That is the very nature of our Cell system.

Currently, applying for membership is done via our forums.

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