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  • Name: Acolytes
  • Server:
  • Race:
  • Type: PvP/PvE/RP
  • Guild Leader:  Hieru
  • Division Leader: Acroma
  • Website:

History Edit

Acolytes are a community of like minded individuals who enjoy gaming, specifically in the fantasy worlds of an MMO, who are both serious and casual players. We aim to have fun together, enjoy the benefits of a large guild and to accomplish success and dominiation in each game that we step foot in.


Recruitment and evaluation of existing players is calibrated to maintain the minimum number of players necessary to achieve the goals of the guild(s). Applicants will be asked to undergo a probation period of 30 days to determine their sutiability for inclusion into the community. During this time, Trial Members alts will be limited to 1 per trial. Players that fail their probation will be allowed to apply again, 30 days from their denial. They may stay as a guest of ours but they will be removed from the guild.

More information regarding applications can be found in each guilds forums found here.


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